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Bloque 10 is Unimagdalena’s virtual learning ecosystem with several B10 Courses, online courses that you can see at your own learning pace. You can create or be part of B10 Groups, virtual communities about topics that interest you within or outside of your discipline.

In Bloque 10 You learn You connect You grow You create!

B10 is the virtual space for teachers, students and workers from the University of Magdalena. However, also for the community outside our walls.

This virtual campus provides study tools for comprehensive development. You can visit OVATECA, to find learning resources in different areas: Innovative Education, Engineering, Caribbean Languages; also, in different formats: Videos, courses, podcast, among others.

Why is it called "Bloque 10"?

logo bloque 10

Bloque 10 is not some concrete building on the University’s campus. It is on the cloud!

When a student asks «Teacher, I cannot find Bloque 10, Where is it located on the campus?», the teacher can smile and answer: «It is on the cloud!»
The Unimagdalena campus has physical blocks or buildings numbered from 1 to 9. When they were going to make the number 10th, instead of calling it «The tenth» they gave it a name to celebrate our territory «Building Sierra Nevada» and that practice was kept with the buildings to come.
In that sense, there was not any Block or building called 10… until now. You are now reading these lines on «Bloque 10». Welcome! 
Another beautiful naming coincidence can be found in the ones and zeros  in «Bloque10«. These are the base of the binary code, the building blocks of the entire digital universe, and of course: the cloud. 

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